Retailers, libraries, music stores, book resellers, etc. may now purchase Music Fun Books wholesale through Ingram Content Group if the retailer has an active Ingram Book Company (IBC) account.

Retailers may place an order using the following order methods:
Phone order: 1-800-937-8000
Fax order: 1-800-876-0186
Email order: [email protected]

Online: iPage (online ordering system)

However, without an active IBC account an order is unable to be placed. In order to establish an account, retailers may visit the Ingram website at and click on “Get Started.  This process should be fairly straightforward but does require some additional information about the retailer’s business.

For additional help, please contact:
Ingram Content Group
Customer Care
[email protected]

If you need any assistance getting Music Fun Books wholesale, please contact us directly at: [email protected]