The Intermediate FUNdamental Violin Book

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This is the follow-up book to The Violin Fun Book for Young Students. This second year method book is for elementary intermediate students. The book includes many innovative teaching techniques for elementary age students including extra-large sized notation, letter names inside the note heads, limited material per page, fun, child centered graphics.  Helpful online YouTube videos, too!

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7 reviews for The Intermediate FUNdamental Violin Book

  1. Michael

    GREAT book for young violinists! This is the second book in the Fundamentals violin series, and it is a
    great book for young violinists. It is lighthearted, easy, and is in a large-print format (which is especially helpful for parents and grandparents who are looking at the music over a shoulder and helping their young ones practice).
    Highly recommended
    -Professional Violinist and Music Educator

  2. ErikI

    Really happy with this. A good selection of songs, large notes, and fun stuff to play for my 7 year old.

  3. Maddie

    This book starts with a quick beginning review – important since my school kids don’t play over the summer and they need to go back to square one in September for review. Then, the book moves on to new ideas. Obviously written by somebody who has been there and done that.

  4. Anonymous

    Kids love using this book. I teach violin. It is not all that hard and the notes are big and it makes it look fun. Great book. There is a lot of repetition from the first book so if a student has been sitting out a bit from already playing and then comes back in, this would be easy for him to pick up and start here.

  5. Margaret Davis

    Great selection of pieces- the follow up to the beginner book doesn’t dissappoint. My students love playing ode to joy, are you sleeping and spring theme, and parents enjoy listening to these great favorites.
    This book also introduces note reading in a simple and fun way.
    Highly recommend!

  6. Michael Killion

    Excellent beginner books for the violin or viola player in their first or second year. Larry Newman has an entire series of music books for violin, viola and cello that are all excellent for players in their first few years. I would not consider these lesson books, but books to supplement beginner players to learn more popular songs. For my young boys, I have the Don’t Fret colored finger guide on their 1/4 and 1/2 violins. Then to help them find the correct notes, I will sometimes use a blue, yellow, pink and green or orange highlighter to color the notes on sheet music. I know it’s a learning crutch, but it makes finding and playing the correct note faster and easier….the more positive feedback they get in playing a correct note, the longer they stay with learning music and different musical instruments (I hope). I also like the books because the songs are also easy enough for the beginner player to start memorizing songs too. Between the cello, violin and viola, I think we own all of them.

  7. Blanche

    Really happy with this. A good selection of songs, large notes, and fun stuff to play for my 7 year old.

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