My First Violin Fun Book

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A great first violin book for the very young student featuring extra large notation, letters inside the note heads, fingerings, plus coloring and activity pages. Helpful online YouTube videos, too!

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6 reviews for My First Violin Fun Book

  1. Betty McQueen

    For little kids, this is THE book to use. It is fun and BIG. I use it along with Suzuki techniques to offer a well-rounded experience children love.

  2. Moon mama

    My daughter, who is 5, finds this book very easy to use and practice with. The large type and minimal items per page appeal to non-reading kids or those just learning to read. Songs are approachable and appropriate for her age.

  3. Sarah Carlson

    Great book for young beginners. My daughter is learning violin in the Suzuki Method. I wanted to start helping her learn her notes and music notation. This little book is perfect. Large notes and notations, fun pictures and clear explanations. She does a few pages each week along with learning her Suzuki songs. She is six years old and in Book 1, and this is right at her level. I am so happy I found this book!

  4. Tiffany L.

    Perfect book for the really young student.

  5. Jennifer Blyth Heisler

    I work at a music school, this book (and others in the set) are a huge hit with the new little musicians! It goes beyond just learning to read notes. My daughter loved it. There are coloring and writing activities included!

  6. Beth Ann Bowers

    My daughter loves this book, and so does her teacher. She is making amazing progress and she loves the coloring and drawing she can do in the book. It’s easy for her to follow and easy for me to follow to!!

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